About Bodembox

Safe and fast digging with BOX-Systems


BodemBoX operates as a supplier and rental company of trench shoring systems, soil boxes, pit shoring systems, sewer shoring systems, towline systems in the Dutch and Belgian earth, road and water construction sector. BodemBoX is a dealer of the manufacturer TWF who will open a new factory in Heinsberg (DE) just across the border in Roermond in 2020. TWF delivers high quality Verbau systems, which are produced with the German Grundlichkeit. With its strong product range and good location, TWF is an ideal partner for BodemBoX.


There are several suppliers of trench formwork trench formwork, bottom box, pit formwork, sewer formwork, drag box. As a result, people in the market have also come up with various names to give the beast a name. Some call it Krings, others call it sewer formwork, guide system, slide box or shoring. Even depending on the system, names have been coined such as; drag bucket, pull bucket, fixed box.


BodemBoX wants to serve a loyal customer base with BoX systems for the safe and fast execution of excavation work with as little inconvenience and space as possible. BodemBoX also wants to increase awareness of the risks involved in excavation work and make the whole excavation sector a little safer.


De Grond- Weg en Waterbouwsector en dan met name de infraprojecten, staan behoorlijk onder druk. Aan de ene kant hebben we klimaatverandering en energietransitie die om nieuwe infrastructuur vragen en aan de andere kant hebben de aannemers en grondwerkers te maken met personeelstekort en krappe marges. BodemBoX wil haar klanten ondersteunen bij het veilig organiseren van het graafwerk op de projecten. Daarbij wil BodemBoX meedenken in de visie en werkmethode van haar klanten en de snelheid en fleixbiliteit niet uit het oog verliezen.


Please contact us if you would like to look at the possibilities for your project. We will give you independent advice and can provide a quotation without obligation. We like to think together about a good and safe way to work.

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